Surgery and operations for people with iron and haemoglobin disorders

Sickle Cell Disease

What is perioperative care?

Perioperative care describes the care given to someone leading up to surgery; during  and after surgery.

Why is care before, during and after surgery important?

People who are medically well prepared for an operation have a better outcome. If you have an underlying medical problem then there may be things that can be done to maximise your health in preparation for an operation to improve the outcome of the surgery. In particular, for some conditions e.g sickle cell disease, surgery can be extremely dangerous.

What can Dr Trompeter offer?

For those with haemoglobin disorders Dr Trompeter will help to delineate a plan that is tailor made for the patient in the context of their condition and the surgical procedure they are to undergo. In particular she will provide advice and support on:
Transfusions in sickle cell disease and Red cell exchange

  • Managing the disease in this period
  • Optimising the health of the patient
  • Addressing the any other medical problems.
  • Advising re: blood transfusions including where necessary automated red cell exchange
  • Liaise with the surgeon, anaesthetist and the patient

For those who are anaemic for other causes Dr Trompeter can often have their anaemia treated so that transfusion can be prevented or minimised, where this is not possible, transfusions can be given as a day case in the days leading up to the surgery so as not to increase the inpatient stay.

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